Saturday, March 15, 2014

Axel and the 4th Grade Idaho History Program..

 This week Axel had the privilege to play the role of Seaman, the Newfoundland who accompanied the famous Lewis and Clark on their great expedition.  That is why the pictures were slightly delayed.  He went to practice on Wednesday the 13th and had 3 performances on the 14th.  He was exceptional and I was honored that the 4th grade asked him to be in the program.  He seemed to enjoy the attention from the audience and was quite the actor!!

During a practice
Playing Seaman during 1 of 3 of the performances
Waiting for his part
during one of the 3 performances
During the final performance
Pretending to pant like Axel!! hahahaha
My niece as Sacajawea and Axel as Seaman
Axel singing his silent part...