Sunday, January 31, 2016

Our loss of Axel...

 We lost a member of our family on October 29, 2015.  This gentle soul left us this evening. I remember getting the call, while putting together our wedding invitations (nearly 9 years ago), the call to be given the opportunity to get Axel. Christopher said definitely get him! I remember holding his paw all the way home on our 5 hour drive. I have held that paw countless times since. What a life and example he has built out of love for everyone. I was once told, and I know to be true, that a dog's love is to witness a glimpse of the love the Savior, Jesus Christ, has for us. Unconditional, pure, never ending, and matter the circumstance. My heart is full of gratitude to my Heavenly Father, he has given me one of the greatest loves of my life. Not one sparrow will be lost, each creation is most dear to him. I am grateful for my testimony of the plan of salvation... I know that families can be together, that we live on after this temporal period, that our Savior truly is there for us and went through all for us, and our Heavenly Father knows our hearts' most tender and dearest desires. I love Axel with all that I have and that love will get to be enjoyed for eternity. Our Father in Heaven took the heart breaking decision from me and let Axel peacefully leave us while our little family was together and with him.
Axel has been there during my darkest and most beautiful moments. He has cleaned newborn puppies, spent hours by my side with those same puppies, taught Georgia how to mother her puppies, truly loved all animals that have been in our family, taught numerous children dog safety, had a special part in my niece's 4th grade Idaho history program. He helped my twins learn how to walk as well as our boy. He was able to witness the girls riding their bikes without training wheels this October. Axel was extra gentle with me during all my pregnancies including this one (he seemed extra sweet this time). He was truly perfect for us. His last adventure, and a tender mercy, was for Axel to be able to go for "A" day for kindergarten.
The last couple of days of his life have been truly sweet, he has had real energy to be near his normal self. We were able to enjoy his most treasured activities; relaxing on the grass, searching in the weeds and hay field for mice, playing with the kids, spending time with the cats, and LOTS of love, kisses, and deep hugs. Words can barely touch what he is and all that he has done. Thank you Axel, for everything. I will never forget your forceful rooting nose that meant "pet me" or your ever faithful paw always wanting a shake (possibly my reminder I need to give you attention). You are my Honey Bear!!! My "Stinker" I love you baby. Forever and Always will I love you honey bear.