Saturday, February 23, 2019

Our Beloved Novia...

It has taken some time before I seemed to find the strength to post this. It has been over a year now that Novia has left us.  Here is the tribute I wrote to honor her a few days after her passing.

Our tender Novia left behind her pain and struggles associated to age and advanced cancer. In the past few months she regressed in the most valiant and stoic manner. That is all she knew how.
Since she was a puppy she always had a weightless bounce of happy in her step. Plus, she was and still remains the cutest puppy I have truly ever seen. That is the honest truth.
Novia had a way of making me see true joy in life. She had this gentle way in everything she did. I don't think I have met a greater lover of people and other animals. Surpassing even my dear Axel.
She also had the most distinctive bark. She had the most patient and deep hugs. Along with the biggest coat and paws of all the dogs!
She was the most attentive mother and acted as a grandmother to Georgia's puppies.
In the last few days she would look into my eyes for long periods, it was like our souls understood a lifetime of memories. I can't describe what emotion those looks brought. Novia has been with me all my adult life.
I told the girls that our heart grows larger with each individual that enters it. That when they leave us they take a piece with us, but when we join them again in the eternities they complete us. I rejoice in the thought of the reunion, rather than despair in the parting.
Families are and can be forever! My family just may include a few 4 legged members.

I love my tender heart "Sissy". I hope I can have portion of the Christ like love she showed for everyone.
She is laid between her brothers, Axel and Thor. The original 3 as I call them. They did everything together. Even passing in the same month of October. Thor, October 13, 2013. Axel, October 29, 2015. Novia, October 9, 2017.
Ohh how I love her!!!
I went through photos and found some of my most favorites along with some recent photos. I have several.. so I may have to add more at a later date.
Thank you Tony Parsons with the Blackfoot Animal Clinic, for making the transition from this life to the next, most easy and comfortable. As well as, being an essential support and dear friend in our lives since Novia's litter of 13. Also, thank you to all of the owners of her puppies for loving her and her babies.
Novia April 2, 2008 - October 9, 2017