Puppy Application Form

Puppy Application Form

We ask the questions below to get an idea of where the puppy will be living and what you have in mind for the future of the puppy and you.  On the questions you can elaborate as much as you would like; therefore, I can understand what you are thinking when I call you. Please copy and paste the application filled out into your email and send it to:     
-     eastidahonewfoundlands@hotmail.com     -

1. Please enter your name and address
            City, State
            Phone number

2. Your Veterinarian's Name and Address
            City, State
            Phone Number

3. Have you ever owned a Newfoundland before?
                                         YES. or NO.    
                If YES, how many and for how long?
                        How Many?
                        How Long?

4.   Are you wanting a puppy for (PET) (BREEDING)

5.   Do you own your own house or are you renting?    OWN  or  RENTING

6.   Do you have a fenced in yard?   YES  or  NO.

7.   Do you have children?   YES  or  NO   
                                  If yes, what are their ages?

8.    Do you live in a multiple story home (more than one level)?   YES  or  NO.

9.    Do you have stairs in your home?    YES  or   NO.

10.  Which gender do you prefer?   MALE or  FEMALE

11.  Is the terrain steep around your home?  YES  or  NO.

12.  If you do get a puppy, do you have an area to raise the puppy in for the first year?
         For example, no cement, no hardwood floors, no linoleum,  no tile (any hard surface) or no stairs.   
                                                                     YES or  NO.
13. What do you know about the breed?

14. How much time do you think it will take a puppy to become full grown?

15. Do you have other pets?
                 If yes, what are they?

                 If yes, are they a patient of the vet you listed?

16. How much time do you plan to spend with this dog each day?

17. Will this time include grooming and/or training?

18. Have you ever had to euthanize a dog?
            If yes, for what reason? 

19. What time of activities do you want to dog to be involved in?
  • Companion
  • Breeding
  • Obedience 
  • Conformation
  • Water Work
  • Tracking
  • Other (please list)
20. What qualities have drawn you to the Newfoundland?

21. What qualities concern you?

22. Are you willing to spay or neuter this puppy?
         If not, why?

23. Where will the dog stay during the 
24. What type of area do you live in?
             (Rural)  (Urban)  (Suburban)

25. What is the marital status of the home?
            (Single)  (Married)  (Divorced)

26. What are the occupations of the adults in the home?

27. Does anyone in the home have allergies?

28. How did you hear about us? (Locally) (Which Website) (Person)

29. Did you read "Interested in Buying a Newf?" before filling out this application?

30. Why do you want a Newfoundland?

31. What are your 5 years plans?

32. What are you 10 years plans?

33.  Will your plans always include a Newfoundland?

Lastly, if you have any other comments or questions about our puppies or dogs please ask.  Additional information about yourself and family like interests, hobbies, educational interests, etc. will help us determine which puppy would fit you.