Past Puppies

 If you want a puppy from our next litter please contact me with your application and I will put you on the list for the next litter.



Litter "C" by Novia

Litter "B" by Novia

        Pup #1 "Oakley" and the O'Neil Family               Pup #2 "Duke" and the Robbins Family 

         Pup #3 "Henley" and the  Harris Family      Pup #4 "Parker" and the Hollon-Hunsaker Family

      Pup #5 "Bam-Bam" and the Arzola Family           Pup #6 "Toro" and the Lamb Family    

Litter "A" by Novia

Pup # 1 "Osso" with the Larson Family              Pup # 2 "Miko" with the Brandenburg Family

Pup #3 "Titan" and the Hayward family                 Pup #4 "Molly" with the O'Sullivan family

Pup #5 "Lily" with the Densley family                  Pup#6 "Molly" with the Pierry family